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Seattle deck builder

Seattle homes that are outfitted with a deck have much more than a lovely view of the sunset and access to fresh air. A deck adds significantly to a home’s value, and it encourages interaction among family and friends. Living space expands and makes a home seem expansive with the addition of a well designed deck. A Seattle deck builder can create a deck that blends aesthetically with any architectural style so that it is a natural extension of a new or existing home.

Choosing an Expert Designer and Builder

Working with a qualified deck builder can help you create the perfect complement for your Seattle home. Comfortable decks that are casual are a good option for a young family, and a built in bike rack and a toy box are handy for children. As entertaining opportunities increase, you may want to choose a more sophisticated design with multi levels that serve different purposes. Groups can meet in cozy settings for conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. Levels offer an attractive alternative to a long flight of stairs and add an aesthetic aspect to your deck’s architecture.

Selecting Complementary Building Materials

New decking materials that are coated and treated resist cold and wet weather conditions, offering options that you may want to consider. Lasting longer and looking newer than wood, manufactured materials that resist warping and may never need repainting make owning a deck a pleasurable experience. Decks have the effect of creating additional living space, but they are less expensive and time consuming than adding a room. The work proceeds without interrupting family activities, and there is no clutter from an indoor construction job. A licensed deck builder can construct any design you prefer for your new or existing home, including upgrading the one that has served you for years.

Considering Creative Designs

An octagonal shape with railings and a fireplace in the center provides a uniquely beautiful deck, and it lets family and guests gather around a fireplace for warmth and conversations. A wide expanse on the rear elevation of a home can use a deck to accent the yard with steps that lead to a lower level, providing many locations for flowering plants and shrubs. Built in furniture and flower boxes create an inviting area where guests can freely assemble without the need to move chairs from the house. A barbecue grill is an excellent addition to an outdoor area, but a skilled deck builder can construct a permanent grill that is safe and attractive. Located next to a pool, an open space for sunbathing encourages swimmers to take a break and relax in the sun.

An outdoor living area is an American tradition that reflects an appreciation of nature’s beauty. A structure that gracefully expands living space while blending with the environment shows respect for tradition. Seattle home owners have access to some of the most beautiful views in the country, and taking the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor living space provides many rewards.