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Seattle residential painting

There is nothing more important to the value of your home than its outward appearance. A high-quality coat of paint can bring dull siding back to life, and give an old house a fresh look. We here at Seattle Windows take pride in our work, and we invite you to place your next exterior painting project in our capable hands. Exterior painting can sometimes seem like an arduous project to the everyday handyman, requiring a fine eye for detail and minimal room for error. Our painting professionals are equipped with the best tools of the trade and experience to give your home the treatment it deserves. Homeowners who choose Seattle Windows for their exterior painting are getting the job done right the first time, and are able to enjoy their home’s fresh look for years to come.

Deciding when to repaint your home is the first step in deciding when it is time to get a fresh coat applied. Old paint can appear faded, cracked or can even be flaking off of your home’s siding, which can appear quite unappealing, making the exterior of your home look much more aged than it actually is. Painting is typically something a homeowner should have done every five to seven years to keep their exterior looking its best.

What to Expect

The professionals at Seattle Windows, use only the best equipment and products to give your home the treatment it deserves. You may either choose a new color for your home, or let our experts match your fresh paint with your home’s existing color. We use only the highest quality brand of paint from Sherwin Williams, guaranteeing highly durable and long-lasting paint that will withstand the elements and time.

Your home’s exterior starts with a thorough cleaning of dirt and mildew. Our experts will then ensure that cracked, peeling paint will be removed, and that all surfaces are properly prepped for the first coat, including protecting your landscaping with sufficient covering. With our sometimes unpredictable weather, we will find the driest and warmest day to service your home, allowing for a seamless job throughout.

Pros You Can Trust

Working from top to bottom, our professional painters at Seattle Windows will give your home the finely detailed treatment it deserves, saving you the stress of attempting a large task on your own. The painting professionals at Seattle Windows will take care with even the smallest details with your exterior painting needs, and will be there with you every step of the way. If your home is in need of a fresh coat and a serious face-lift, please contact our office to arrange a visit. Our professionals can service you anywhere in the Seattle area, and would be more than happy to assist you with your painting needs.