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Are you trying to find the best metal roofing companies in the Seattle area? Over the years, metal roofs have proved to be one of the best ways to accomplish modern goals centered around saving money, protecting the environment and avoiding the deleterious effects of roof moss. Due to Seattle’s unique climate, homeowners are finding that the best solution is to switch to a metal roof. If you are still on the fence about choosing metal roofing, take a look at the reasons our customers give us.

Long-term savings and short-term utilities benefits

Do you have someone come to your home or business to remove moss from the roof? Unfortunately, many buildings in the area will quickly succumb to an ongoing moss growth due to the optimal growing conditions that Seattle produces. Instead of continuing to call roofing companies to do maintenance, a solution is to have a roof that is not friendly to moss. While a metal roof is the perfect solution, some homeowners want to avoid the higher upfront cost. However, in the long-term, you will not need to replace a metal roof as often as a traditional wood or shingled one. In particular, many metal roof companies use supplies that can have a warranty for up to 50 years. In most cases, metal roof means a water hose is all you will need to keep moss from re-growing. In the short term, a metal roof is usually more energy efficient, and this saves money on your monthly utilities bills.

Save money on some homeowner’s insurance policies

One of the reasons that homeowners lean towards a metal roof is the reduction in insurance costs. Since a metal roof is fireproof, some homeowner’s insurance policies will offer an annual cost reduction. By doing this, some roofing companies are able to offer a metal roof that has a hidden deep discount.

A greener solution for your home or business

Do you have a focus on making your home or business as environmentally-friendly as possible? If you read through the popular literature about what works, you will see that metal roofing is often the preferred choice for LEED certification. Mainly, a metal roof can be constructed from metal and fully recycled when it is removed. It also requires fewer chemicals to construct and maintain. In addition, it is easy to save green points with a metal roof because it creates an airtight seal. Roofing companies have a variety of options for your roof including thicknesses, colors, finishes and warranty types.

Trusty installations, maintenance and repair with a focus on security

We make a special effort to provide each of our metal roofing customers with luxury customer service before, during and after the job. Nevertheless, our focus on customer service also extends to security. In addition to carefully screening each member of our staff, we train our employees to behave in a professional way that promote safety in your home. We also help to gain your trust by having straightforward expectations for our customers before a job begins. This means you will have an understanding of when we arrive, how much it costs, what will happen while we are in your home and any problems that could arise. To get started with our Seattle metal roofing services, give us a call and we will help you get started with maintenance, free estimates, repairs and installations.