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Why James Hardie Color Plus Siding?

James Hardie Color-Plus Siding

Investing in a high quality siding solution for your home goes beyond mere aesthetics. An investment in this type of outer wall covering is an energy-conscious, high-performance choice that will last for years to come. The key to achieving these kind of results with siding, however, is investing in a high quality product. James Hardie Color Plus Siding is just that–a product that you can trust. Manufactured using a time-tested system and backed with a variety of construction benefits, Color Plus is the way to go.

Fabricated of a unique fiber-cement combination, James Hardie Siding products are the most durable covering products available in Seattle. The siding pieces themselves are constructed in an extensively monitored process after which the high-tech coloring technique is applied. Combining the highest quality and most advanced raw materials with the most effective manufacturing process and tools, the James Hardie Color Plus Siding provides homeowners an excellent siding solution.

Following the actual construction of the individual pieces, the manufacturing process continues as multiple coats of specially designed paint are layered onto the fiber-cement siding. Following this application, the paint is baked in a controlled environment to attain a consistent color with premium thickness. This finite process guarantees that James Hardie Color Plus Siding will retain its color and integrity even in a harsh climate like Seattle’s.

In addition to the actual construction process, the formulas used in manufacturing the individual product components also deliver exclusive design. The paint used to achieve the unique color specific to Color Plus Siding features a formula that is designed to protect against UV rays, offering as much as 30% more resistance against fading even in the unforgiving Seattle climate. Color Plus products also come with a limited warranty of 15 years that covers paint and repair of issues such as cracking, peeling, and chipping.

Unlike many other siding products, James Hardie Color Plus Siding is one of the few that is expertly monitored from start to finish. Beginning with the initial cement mixing and ending with the final painting on the site, almost 50 quality assurance assessments are completed throughout the manufacturing and installation processes. The result is true evidence of the difference of the Color Plus process-–a strong, maintenance free finish with enhanced fade resistance, durability, and color purity.

Much like selecting a color for the interior of your home, choosing the color for the exterior of your home is a weighty decision. When you choose James Hardie Siding, though, your choice is guaranteed. Offering a variety of color sample options as well as personalized product selection services, Seattle Construction is a company that prides itself on customer satisfaction, particularly when it comes to siding. If you are looking for a new exterior design option for your home, look no further. With its outstanding manufacturing, expert color contrast, and superior durability, James Hardie Color Plus Siding is a definite choice. Make a decision that will help make your Seattle home last, and choose Color Plus as your exterior home design element.